the number one health problem in the United States – click here

almost 40% of our adults are obese – 30% more are overweight  that is 70%

The consequences of the obesity epidemic are devastating: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke are not only killing millions of Americans annually — the obesity epidemic is also a humongous burden on the American health care system, making up $190 billion a year in weight-related medical bills.     Oct 13, 2017

How many diets have you tried?   I lost count of mine!  How many dollars have you spent trying to lose weight?    Me too!   What finally worked for me, was changing my  lifestyle! … it didn’t cost me anything… it doesn’t cost you anything…                    

It is totally free… no gimmicks… nothing to buy… no donate button…   just read the pages on this web-site…

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