Most people say that we  need 7 or 8 hours sleep  every night…. one expert said:   “Any more or less can increase your risk for serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and even death. Getting enough quality sleep is also key to a healthy lifestyle.”   Note that  he says  more  is just as bad as  less....

But philip’s web-site is about  weight loss... so… it is good to know that sleep is  very important  in weight loss… poor sleep habits can keep one “fat” …. sleep also helps us to exercise more, burn more calories and stay healthy… all necessary to get rid of weight…. so… I would suggest that you  not tweak  this one too much.

20 to 30 min naps  are also great, especially as we grow older… but… we need a regular break from  “all the stuff  that is going on in our lives.  We also need  naps to break the hold of the things that  hold us.. the addictions, dominations and obsessions… especially the domination of food in our lives. Check my  Obsessions  page next.

I will also say more about this on my  God  page  …  because… there is nothing I have ever experienced that tops my experiences when I  “enter into His rest” ….


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