I haven’t had a Coke or Pepsi or any other soft drink for over 20 years… then stopped drinking any fruit juices after discovering they were loaded with sugar. I switched to water.  Just google it… all kinds of things to read up there about how our bodies need water.  I think these titles alone tell the story…  “Water Cures : Drugs Kill” …  “You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty”…  “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”… and on and on.

I got the message… drink water.  My older brother, Bruno, was asked to participate in a test group to show that people need to drink at least half their body weight in ounces of water… if I weigh 200 lbs, I need to drink 100 ounces of water.  Not only did they show that was true, but contrary to one of my excuses, I did not have to go to the bathroom all the time because I was drinking so much more water.  Our bodies need the water… it simply becomes part of our base weight.

I do make many trips to the bathroom because I take diuretics to handle my Edema that was caused by all that sugar I had eaten, giving me my diabetes.

In the process of increasing my water intake  (which one should do gradually), I also tried  Seltzer Water… then discovered the new way to make my own Seltzer… saving a ton-a-bunch of money when you are drinking three (3) 12 oz cans every day… and… lots of trips to the grocery store…

My  plan  for my body weight, is to drink at least one 32 oz bottle of Seltzer and two 32 oz bottles of filtered tap water every day.  I have two bottles  staying cold in the fridge that I keep refilling whenever I empty them.  I usually drink more than that most days.

I start each day now, with an 8 oz cup of my filtered water, adding 2 tbs of  lemon juice  and 2 tbs of  Apple Cider Vinegar, then heat it in the microwave.  This is great for lowering blood pressure and heart issues.  Adding a tsp of  honey  is a personal tweaking of mine… but… never add white sugar.

Other beverages I enjoy are coffee, green tea and English Breakfast tea. I never drank a lot of beer… occasionally I do enjoy a half a bottle a couple times during the week.  I also love to chew on crushed ice… and… have been known to splash a little gin over it at dinner time. I  used to be  an alcoholic, drinking 3 martini lunches (and once, many years back when they still sold  “quarts”  of alcohol, I drank a whole quart of scotch one night)… I had a serious problem…  but now … I just live very thankful that God  set me free  from alcoholism… that was over 50 years ago now… back when I had my first collision”  with Him in 1968.  More about that on my  God  Page.

That is “philip’s way”... give it some serious thought… like the other things in my “plan”… it also works

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