I do enjoy  “googling”  things… amazing … all the opinions out there… pros, cons, viewpoints, web-sites to visit… kinda surreal… and… most of those people agree that  Fasting  is  very healthy.  It is simply a  good thing  to stop pouring food into your body….  to give the gut a little reprieve from processing… it is also a  very healthy thing  and really helps in the  battle with obesity.  If you need to have this  proven,  there is plenty for you to read up there, as you make your decision on which way you should go.

Keep it simple and start slowly if you have never fasted before… I personally started with not eating anything after dinner until breakfast the next day… so…  if I have finished dinner by 7:00 pm and don’t eat breakfast until 7:00 am, that is a 12 hour fast. .. very important…. Dr. Mahooti pushed me on this one last Easter… it has really worked well.  More on this on my  Obsessions  page.

I would suggest starting with this link to Wikipedia…

You will immediately see their definition of Fasting… as well as countless places to discover all that any one human being would ever want or need to know about fasting.

What I have also done, more recently, was to start  fasting lunches… which gives my gut another rest of about 10 hours before eating again… and… because my goal is to get healthy...  and never ever be  overweight  again…. I have personally tweaked into my plan,  a  day off … every Sunday… I eat lunch and sometimes snack a bit… especially if the  Patriots   are playing at 1:00 pm.



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