Hi… my name is philip… I have this thing about loving people and trying to help them to live and enjoy their lives to the highest degree possible.  A doctor named John Bland helped me personally to do that a little over 20 years ago.  He even wrote a book about it… “Live Long, Die Fast” … I’ve been working hard at that.

Dr. Bland had some great credentials… the only credentials I have, especially to produce a web-site like this, is that I have been “Living Long” and I am still at it.  I have been on this journey of life since August 29, 1935.  As I write this, I am working my way slowly thru my 84th year on the planet. How many more years I get till I “Die Fast” has yet to be determined.

I have made every “mistake” a person can make… so there is a lot that is working very hard against me… I have also made some terrible choices along the way… and done more stupid things than anyone would care to admit… but I have learned what works and I am a story teller… willing to tell you any of my personal experiences, any of the “stories”,  to illustrate how I have arrived at my plan.  All you have to do is write and ask me.

The plan itself is just facts… things I have discovered… things that have worked very well for this particular unique, complicated, ever changing person… this specific  “snowflake” named philip….

Enjoy the plan… it is here to help you be  everything you were created to be….feel free to comment and question as you read along.

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