An  obsession  is a  “fixation with an object, person or activity ” … wrong obsessions  will keep us from ever becoming all we were created to be.  “Be yourself… everybody else is already taken”,  Oscar Wilde.

Our great  American Obsession  is  “FOOD” … the first time I really saw this was when I bought a restaurant in 1986…  “all you can eat”  was what was happening back then… Friday night was the “all you can eat fish fry”… Saturday night was the  “all you can eat roast beef bar”  and every day was our  “all you can eat salad bar”.

I had a couple coming every Friday night… within just two months after I opened, I had to save them a table by the front windows… because they would block the aisle at any other table… and no longer could fit in one of the booths.  I was feeding the Obesity Epidemic…  “strike one!”

One night my wait person asked me to watch a guest go up for  another  slice of roast beef… her fourth trip… I watched this elderly lady return with the beef on her plate, take one of my napkins, fold the slice of beef up neatly in it and place it in her purse.  “Strike two!”

Then on another Saturday night I had three very big guys come in.. they announced to me that they had a weight lifting match in the morning and that they were going to eat my  entire roast beef…  and they did…   “strike three!”

I immediately stopped  all you can eat  in the restaurant… no more salad bar even… just served a small salad with their meal… I have a zillion other stories, if you ever want to hear them.  I hate  All You Can Eat…   you can find it in  every  weight loss program,  every  diet,  every  food restriction plan… in all of them… you will be shown…  something that you can eat  “as much as you like of it”

Just go to your  Facebook page… where you can see what all your  friends  had to eat today… at their table at home or out in a restaurant…  recipes galore… a constant obsession with food… the icing on the cake for me was a recipe for broccoli cheese soup from the newest diet rage, Keto, a video showing how to make it and a disclaimer telling you that you could  eat just as much of this soup as you want…. the video had long passed 8 million views.  You think we might have a problem here?

Portion control and fasting are ways we can end our major  “Obsession” … our Obsession with  Food”…  back on my  Fasting  page… I mentioned what I personally do.  Any time we completely stop feeding ourselves for 10 12 hours in a row, we break another link in that chain that binds us.  Years ago, I took it much further than what I do now… fasting all day once a week… 3 days once each month… and several 7 to 10 days fasts. This stuff  works!

We can also live very nicely on  one half  of the food we normally eat.  I never eat more than a  4 oz portion  of meat, chicken or fish.  When my wife and I go out for our weekly date nite  (we  highly recommend  weekly date nights),  we take half the meal home with us and have leftovers the next night… that other half of an 8 oz. sirloin steak tastes just as good on another night, as it did tonight!

Most important  for me… in my own journey… has been my relationship with God… where I have experienced… year after year… being  set free by Him… totally free… from all my obsessions and addictions… as He reveals them to me….  great way to live.  Check my  God  page.



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