We become what we eat.  We eat the wrong things and then we “Live Short, Die Long”… I went to my 40th high school reunion back in 1992.. in the center of the auditorium there was a large easel with pictures of our Class of 1952…  as I walked towards it,  I saw so many pictures, I fully expected to see that these were simply pictures of our entire class.  We had 250 graduates that year, all guys, it was an all male Jesuit high school.  I read the sign at the top… In Memoriam … and discovered that half of our senior class had already died.

As I moved among them that day, there were guys in wheelchairs, guys with oxygen bottles, guys who had trouble moving about and almost everyone seemed overweight.

By that time, as a family, we had already started “eating right”... but we took it a step further…. no more processed foods, no more pre-packaged meals, no junk food… no more  going to or stopping at fast food places, etc…  we all know what we are supposed to be eating… fresh fruits, vegetables, etc…. get some education… just “Google things” … amazing experiences…. you can get everyone’s understanding of what it means to “Eat Right” or anything else.   Remember… we are all unique… different cultures, backgrounds, families, likes, dislikes, tastes… you need to do a little research from who YOU are, not who everybody else is.

Obese, for philip, is 250 lbs on the BMI index.  I only hit that once in my life.  Normal is 205 lbs… I was only below 205 lbs once in my adult life.  So…. philip had spent most of his adult life  “overweight”.  I am now getting healthier all the time and down in the 180’s.  What I am telling you really works.

Because I was a runner, and always very active, running races, working out, etc., I thought I could eat anything I wanted.  My sugar was in the 140/150 range.  I love ice cream. One of my best friends works for Ben & Jerry’s… my freezer was always full of the best ice cream one can get… then…probably the dumbest thing I ever said was… you know… joking around…”You gotta die of something, might as well be ice cream”… I went to our “family doctor friend”, Dr. Phil Kiely… for my regular check-up… he really got on my case when he told me my sugar had just tested at 419.  Ice cream did almost kill me.

That was only 4 years ago… I was 79 years old… I cold-turkeyed sugar and everything that had sugar in it… but…  I paid the price for my stupid lifestyle.  I was a full blown diabetic at that point, with high blood pressure, Edema, A-fib, neuropathy, open leg sores leading to infection and 3 trips to the hospital for cellulitis… also developed other heart issues… I now have congestive heart failure... and…   It has all been caused by White Sugar.

Stop the sugar… completely.  It will kill you.  Take a look at the book  “The Diabetes Cure”… you can beat this diabetes thing if you have diabetes… or make sure you never get it.

I met another doctor, Dr. Navid Mahooti,  friend of our daughter and her husband here in Wenham, MA.  That meeting has changed my life once again. He challenges the system regularly at the Medical Conferences on OBESITY,  challenges them to stop trying to come up with yet another pill or medication and simply tell folks to STOP EATING SUGAR instead.

Dr. Mahooti also convinced me to change my lifestyle to a low carbohydrate one… just take a look at this link…    navidmahootimd.      This  is what he explained to me last Easter… and… I did it…. I totally  changed my lifestyle  for the next 6 months…  lost another 30 lbs…  and it is the basis of this website…

not another diet – a new lifestyle.       It works.

I am now tweaking this lifestyle to personalize it for me and make it  philip’s way, philip’s lifestyle… uniquely me… not someone else.  You can do that for yourself as well.

Start eating the right things, stop eating the wrong things, and you will become what you eat… what you have been created to be.


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