There is no health program I have ever looked at which did not include exercise.  It is absolutely  essential  for us to keep moving.  At the same time, there are a zillion different ways to exercise, which is where this particular one gets very personal to  “do it your way”… what is the exercise that you enjoy the most and works best for you?

1972 was the year it started for me… I knew I needed to do “something… even if it was right”…  I also knew I didn’t like  “biking”… I was riding my bike to work every day (only 20 min)… it wasn’t fun… kind of scary actually with all the cars, etc. … the thing that made the most sense to me was  “running”… so I began… I was 37 years old… able to jog only a  house lot  or two… walk another one or two…  then jog one…

Within a couple weeks though, I could do a quarter mile, then a half… then a whole mile without stopping…. and on it went. Got to the point where I was jogging for an hour almost every day, running 5k and 10k races on Saturdays and then my first Marathon.. the New York City Marathon in 1983.

In 1972, I also began working as a  Union roofer… I was climbing ladders with a package of shingles weighing 70 lbs… up and down all day… everything that goes up on a roof weighs 70 lbs and philip’s job was to climb up that ladder and deliver it to the guys on the roof.

One day it was truck-load after truck-load of stones that needed to be shoveled into a conveyor belt, taking them up to a hot roof job… 7 hrs a day for 3 days. I was getting into some other kind of fitness shape! That was that one time in my life,  (that I told you about on my  Food  page),  where I was a  normal weight  on the BMI index.

I even bought a yard of stones in 1980 when we moved to Hackensack NJ… I loved shoveling so much that I did it for exercise… I shoveled that yard of stones from that pile, making a new pile right next to it… then did it again, back the other way.

Loved to climb ladders too since those roofing days… did a lot of that during the B&B days, painting, scraping, decorating, cleaning gutters etc. … even used my ladder just to exercise… setting it up and then climbing up and down for a workout.

Obviously there are a lot of ways to exercise… so pick one or two or seven… remembering though that this is about getting rid of the weight… not just getting in shape and staying healthy… burn lots of those calories…

You can do this!!!!!

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