When I first saw the above picture of our grand-daughter Lian…I was just stunned. Never had I experienced a  “photograph like this”  in all these many years that I have walked along the road of life.

That night, as I relaxed in my Lazy-Boy, I had one of my experiences where I kind of leave but I am still in the chair… (I keep having more and more of these every week)… I try to explain them but can’t really come up with words that make any sense… so.. I’ll steal what the Apostle Paul said trying to explain his experiences… “whether in the body or out of the body, I know not”…. they are wonderful experiences… sometimes very profound… like this one… as I watched Lian’s picture continuing on and on and on into an infinity of “Lians”

The picture began to haunt me… in a very positive way… I had to look up the word to make sure I didn’t miss any of the meanings of the word “haunting”…  poignant and evocative; difficult to ignore or forget; evocative, affecting, moving, touching, emotive, expressive, powerful, soul stirring, atmospheric, nostalgic, wistful, plaintive, memorable, unforgettable, indelible, not to be forgotten, never to be forgotten…

I am so thankful that Lian’s best friend, Paloma, took this picture and then worked her  “Paloma Magic”  on it, creating this moment for me with her work of art, showing me our beautiful grand-daughter in ways I had no idea existed.

Then I saw it… I saw not only why the Lord gave me this experience, but what I had to do with it. It became the reason and motivation for my putting this new web-site together… the focus… the focal point.  All of us… every single human being… each one a totally unique , totally different, ever changing, growing person… each with our own likes and dislikes… our own giftings… our own plans…. our own ways…  our own purposes… and even for God’s  different purposes  for every individual.

There are no two identical  “snowflakes”… and… there are no two identical  persons.

The answer to the obesity problem that has been offered to us, is  “my way or the highway” …  they  have the perfect plan, the perfect way, the perfect product for us to purchase, the perfect book to buy, the perfect program for us to sign up for… and all for the low-low low-low price of  _____________ (fill in the blank)… it’s a multi-billion dollar empire that wants us to conform to their system… and it is based in greed.

 philip’s way  is clear and simple… and it works… you are the one  who decides what to do with the plan, based upon who you are, not who philip is…  and it is totally free.  Enjoy!

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